Friday, 30 November 2012

Ten Years of Six

WE WENT TO the Limelight tonight for Electric Six as they were re-touring Fire making tonight a trip back to 2002 when I still had a liver and Belfast had a bowling alley that didn't look like a prostitutes bedroom.  It was all going well until I noticed the wave of people showing another wave of people photos of their kids on their iPhones.  Nothing like a tit drainer clutching an Eeyore to scream "Rock and Rolllll!"  There's something wrong with these people; anyway my book is out tomorrow and it would be lovely if you picked yourself up a copy.  It's important to point out that Dick Valentine has still go all the stage presence of a 19th century gentleman with a psychedelic addiction and an erection.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

This man is magical...fact

Bukowski is magical.  I'm still amazed how he manages to sum up in a handful of throw away words what other writers take pages and pages to flirt with and still can nail.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Donald Ray Pollock's voice is refreshing, powerful and more than a little dark.  I'm looking forward to reading what comes next as he is a powerhouse of writing potential.  A downbeaten, cynical tonic of a writer.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Old School eBook

THE FIRST FEW COPIES of Lost Angeles has made their way to me from the printers.  It's all been incredibly abstract up until this point and now I'm riddled with the piss inducing realisation that people (probably not many but some) are going to read my thoughts, fears and demons and I'm going to be judged by them. 

Chapter 1 is still available to thumb through, you can access it by clicking [here].  I'll sign off before my insecurities whisper the truths that only they know and get the better of me, in the meantime here's a photo what I've birthed.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

A President for all

THEY SAY NEVER discuss sport or politics in conversation but screw that. I happen to love sport (Go Celts!) and politics is something that is a little too important not to be discussed. Today Americans go to the polls to exercise their say and though I don't have a voice in the outcome as a frequent lover of the new world I hope to God they make the right choice.

On one hand you have a guy who is being blamed for an inherited economy from an administration that proliferated fear and tax cuts for the top 1%. Obama's biggest fault (though not his only one) is that he hasn't cleaned up an 8 year fuck-fest quickly enough. The other hand has the poster boy for everything that's currently wrong with the RNC and the single biggest reason I'm ashamed to be a white male. His biggest plus is that his running mate is worse...and can barely be classified as human.

Hands up for white (male) supremacy
& tax relief for my friends

These men preach freedom and democracy as foreign policy while at the same time are attempting to erode the freedom of half their own country's population can exercise over their own bodies.  Ask yourself this If this was a black or hispanic issue rather than a woman issue, would they be getting away with so much? Would it be seen for what it is?  White (male) supremacy anyone?  There is no excuse for supporting a part/politican/stance that attempts at every turn to justify and classify rape, vilify those seeking abortions or treat those unfortunate enough to find themselves on welfare like criminals on probation (Scott's piss take initative).  Republican candidates across the vast plain of the U.S of A are deeply out of touch - or would be if out of touch was the appropriate terminology.  The truth of the matter is that they are hideously out of date and belong in the dark ages, they are no greater evolved or enlightened than the ancestors who left Europe some five hundred years ago, all you have to do is take a long hard look at Rick Scott (Governor of Florida) to see what's rotten in their party.

Governor of Florida or Gentleman from
Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

The American President likes to call himself "The leader of the free world" and though there's a lot wrong with this soundbite it's downright laughable with a Republican in office who'll happily make sure that this notion of a "free world" doesn't extend to anyone with a cervix. 

Good luck America, go and have your say and remember Spike the right thing!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lost But Now Found - Lost Angeles Debuts A New Literary Voice

THERE'S ONLY 30 days to go until the release on Lost Angeles and I've another glowing review below.

First novels are a notoriously tricky endeavour, they are sometimes a self conscious re-rendering of the author’s favourite writers and sometimes a clinical enterprise. Any writer will know that it takes time to find a voice, I was surprised then to find that Lost Angeles was Louden’s first offering.

Following the exploits of protagonist Doug, the novel opens on his self imposed exile to Los Angeles.  Beginning at the doors of the arrivals lounge the reader is plunged into Los Angeles. A pacy first chapter sets up the narrative for his Los Angeles adventure; gang fights in the golden arches, biker bars on Sunset Boulevard and unlikely acquaintances. There’s a thrill, drama and whiskey haze that sets the tempo. Louden then takes the step that even some more established writers baulk at; he creates a dual narrative which takes the reader into Doug’s past in Belfast and allows them to experience the events that have brought Doug to this point in his life.

The Belfast chapters are filled with Doug’s pre Los Angeles reality and give the reader an instant visceral look into a relationship that is going sour. It’s the sense of loss and recalibration of a life after an important long term relationship that the reader experiences with Doug. The juxtaposition of his hedonistic quest in the warm sunshine of Los Angeles, and the heartache of the Belfast chapters which are captured against the grey cold post-Christmas January sun, create a novel of depth which tells two simultaneous narratives to their joined conclusion.

The myriad of Los Angeles debaucheries are both witty and memorable but the undercurrent of the past simmers beneath the surface until begins to boil over into Doug’s present. As the novel draws with pace and fervour to its inevitable endgame the reasons for Doug’s vehemently destructive nose dive through Venice Beach are illuminated as the final chapters become compulsive reading.

Louden takes his readers by the hand through Belfast and Los Angeles, a writer who clearly knows both cities, they are written so they feel like a part of the narrative; two very different characters embodying the story that surrounds them.  The writing is open and colloquial and although it comes from a very male voice it has an attitude to emotion and vulnerability that will appeal to both genders. What makes this novel such a good read is the truth which seems to be planted firmly in the narrative. It has a voice which has been missing from the bookshelves; Bukowski with heart and emotion, Tony Parsons with sarcasm, degeneracy and sex. They come together to create a work startling in its individual voice.

It’s a fantastic first novel that delves into the picaresque genre, creating a very modern romantic hero, or perhaps antihero. A novel that can be read and re-read but will still retain its moment in time due to its episodic structure. It is an ultimately multifaceted piece of literature that at its heart beats a debauched, messed up look at love and loss.

-Dr Dawn Hargy PhD

Read the first chapter of Lost Angeles for free [here] before it comes out on December 1st 2012.