David Louden is the author of the roman á clef novels Lost Angeles & Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l] and the novella-short story hybrid White Mexicans.  Featured in various International publications, Louden has repeatedly compared to American writer Charles Bukowski.

He is in the process of developing a Noir-Comedy set in Belfast for TV and is currently working on several projects across a variety of mediums.


Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard. Novel. Mar 21, 2016 [TBC]
Talk is Cheap New Coin Poetry Journal, Dec 2015
It Would Be Great New Coin Poetry Journal, Dec 2015
Another Day at Work Author’s Own Site [Read]
White Mexicans. Novella/Short Stories. Jul 13, 2015 [US] [UK]
Joey Schaff (aka Genes & Seafood) Literally Stories [Read]
Ultra-Belfast Literally Stories [Read]
The Front Page Literally Stories [Read]
Nazi Doctor Literally Stories [Read]
Advice From a Dog Chase the Moon Magazine, Sep 2014 [US] [UK]
The Greatest Cock That Ever Lived! Literally Stories [Read]
Henry Roscoe: Detective, Sort of TV Series [Unproduced]
Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l]. Novel. Nov 28, 2013 [US] [UK]
Lost Angeles.  Novel. Dec 1, 2012 [US] [UK]

Major works in BOLD