Friday, 28 December 2012

Bad Religion

I liked American Gods, I liked Anansi Boys so I was eager to read Good Omens.  I liked Crowley, I liked the first half of the book but inevitably it's sensibilities (and supreme Pratchett Englishness) overpowered the narrative and I stopped caring.  I don't know if it suffers from having two very distinct voices and there were some seriously good moments especially with the Four Other Horsemen but I wouldn't look forward to reading it again in the same way I'd look forward to checking in with Shadow.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Extra rye, easy on the eye

There's a lot made of the fact this is Bukowski's most autobiographical work but there's so much more to it than that.  I was disappointed in Hollywood, I had expected more the first time I read it and the second it just felt a little inflated towards the end but Ham on Rye is a masterclass in writing.  Perfect storytelling, perfect humour and the writing is as tight as lazer guided as it's ever going to be.  It has echoes of Fante without coming across as an imitation, it's beautifully penned and realistically romantic with every sentence.  I wish I could read it again for the first time.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

That's Me In The Spotlight

SO I GOT an author spotlight on an excellent blog ran by Californian writer Ryan L. Schneider.

It's a little intimidating writing knowing that your work will be pawed through by another writer. He's a prolific gent. If you're a fan of literature you should click [here] to check out his bibliography and [here] for the 10 Questions spotlight on his site.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


There's nothing to say here.  Fante is one of the most amazing writers who has ever graced the page and Ask the Dust is a book that will open a door in your mind you never even knew was there.  It's made even better when you read The Road to Los Angeles and you can see his working out, his blueprint for Bandini.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Get Lost!

AND DO IT FOR FREE.  Last Saturday my roman á clef novel Lost Angeles was released with a special offer for good measure.  This weekend you'll be able to grab yourself a copy of The Drunken Adventures of Doug Morgan in the Land of the Matinee Idol (or Lost Angeles as it's more commonly know) for free by clicking [here] if you're in the United Kingdom/Ireland/Any small Island to the west of Europe and [here] if you're from the U.S of A.

A few friends stumbled upon it recently and I warned them off reading it because I'm a shambolic impression of a man but I wanted to thank them for being excellent people and if you really want to thumb the 330 pages of my mind this weekend might be a good time to get it.

The paperback is also available [here] it's not free and it's not going to be...I've got to eat and make rent you know.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Talk about how much you like the style...

There are a ton of 'wannabe writers in bars' novels but I like how deWitt works with the genre to subvert your expectations.  He's an incredibly clever and atmospheric writer, there are moments are sheer brilliance, moments of dark depression and a sliver of triumph that smacks of the best and worst of humanity.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lost Angeles - A Novel

Full time whiskey enthusiast Doug Morgan is on a downward spiral.  Over the past two years the Irish man has played witness to the slow and steady decay of his life and he’s finally called time.  Haunted by an unacknowledged pain Doug swaps the white collar nine to five of Belfast for one last charge into oblivion in the City of Angels.  A scotch-soaked stranger in a strange land Doug befriends a series of like minded and self destructive vagabonds who, like him, are aiming for chaos.  In a city that sees thousands of people per year come to be discovered why has one man come to get lost?

Doug Morgan owns a first edition of George Orwell’s 1984 which the Russian hostel owner destroys in front of him.

The Michelangelo Antonioni film La Notte is referenced as a Christmas present purchased for Doug by former girlfriend Kelly.  The film is about a relationship that is falling apart.

The screening at the Egyptian Theatre of The Naked Street took place in 2006.  Louden attended this performance, a performance which Anne Bancroft was scheduled to introduce before her death.

Doug and Billie watch Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now! which is the author’s favourite film and where his blog Knifed in Venice take it’s name.

While in conversation with an independent film producer, Winston, about his forthcoming Black-Naziploitation film Swasucka Doug references The Black Gestapo and Women’s Camp 119, these are Exploitation titles that Louden is interested in.

Lost Angeles - On Sale Now!

Irv's on Historical 66
IT'S DECEMBER 1ST and my nerves are shot to shit.  Today I've had to publish my book; when I decided on December 1st it was a good date because it was so far look at us.  Lost Angeles is my roman á clef (or at least attempt at roman á clef) neo-beat novel about an alcoholic who goes to Los Angeles in order to kill himself (though it's more cheery than it sounds).  There's going to be an introductory offer on it and at $0.99 you'll even have change from a buck.  Amazon Prime customers will be able to grab themselves a copy of it for free because they're special and more than a little spoilt.

If you're interested you can grab a copy of Lost Angeles [here] or you can click on the cover below.  All I'd ask if you like it leave a review and if you don't well you can't please everyone; take your frustration out on your children.