"Better than Disneyland on mushrooms [...]

a force to be reckoned with"
-Catfish McDaris

"Louden delivers an interesting and funny novel with his unique voice [...] a definite must!"
-Tobias Haglund
“Really funny.”
-Nik Everleigh
“Powerful and thought provoking.”
-Hugh Cron
“Bukowski’s attitude and to the point style.”
-Adam West
“A witty, self deprecating humour […] the final sentence did make me grin and wince at the same time.”
-Diane Dickson
“A rare voice.”
-Anthony Wobbe
“A lot of style to it and dark humour in abundance […] tackles every story subject with ferocity and without fear.”
-Nik Everleigh


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* The statement that all stories “definitely happened” is one used for entertainment purposes and should not be considered factual or legally binding.  All too often Mr. Louden is full of shit.