Friday, 25 September 2015

Another Day at Work

He thrust the edge of the bottle
into his own stupid neck and
with eyes like a sick rat's shithole
said gimme all the money, man!

You don't know where I've been &
you don't know what I've got but
I know you and I know you don't
want what I've got, so money!

The register dinged with excitement
as the jaw released, the drawer sprung
and all that green presented itself
Free and available to the brave

Jimmy landed on him quicker than a
frat boy on a drugged co-ed
But you don't know where I've been,
you don't know what I've got!

Sure I fucking do, scolded Jimmy snatching
the bottle & ramming it up the guy's asshole
You're my cousin you stupid cunt
rob somewhere else for a change

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

It Would Be Great

Oh if I were a cannibal
sure it would be great
I'd fill my fucking face
with the people I hate

I'd start off at work
then move on to the bar
Picking assholes from teeth
as I walked to my car

Oh yes, if I were a cannibal
I'd meet people like you
and if you pissed me off
I'd turn you into poo