Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pictures, 1000 words, etc

I WAS going to write a post here but I write too much.  I'm always writing.  I'm either firing through hundreds of emails per day; work related and otherwise or I'm tinkering with Lost Angeles while I still can.  Orson Welles once said "projects are never finished they're simply abandoned" - that guy had more truth in him than he knew what to do with.  If I'm not doing that I'm on the typer working through a first and now second draft of something else; something different and when I'm not doing that I'm either trying to update Knifed in Venice or pondering what to put down here.

I had wanted to use this blog as a way of getting people used to me and my way with words but I write too much.  I wanted people to maybe get an idea of what to expect before I give man-birth to my little book.  I'm going to be posting the first chapter on here shortly (that's bound to do it).  In the meantime I don't think there's a better way to get an idea of what Lost Angeles is about than to check out the photos from back in the day below and maybe drop by the Bookshelf.

Images by Ben Fox

In the chair; pre-ink
and the tattoo is underway

Serious men

Who have been kicked off the train

Friendships blossom

Making plans with Nigel


Draining one off

Getting Lost