Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Doug Gets Head

The Belfast retail outlet Head, located on Ann Street, are now carrying my début novel Lost Angeles.  Fans of the written word will be able to pick their copy up from the Entertainment Emporium for £6.00 (that’s cheaper than purchasing it on Amazon).  If you’re not a fan of the murder of trees for fiction or just don’t like walking…or live on another landmass then you can grab a digit copy as quick as a flash from Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

Full time whiskey enthusiast Doug Morgan is on a downward spiral.  Over the past two years the Irish man has played witness to the slow and steady decay of his life and he’s finally called time.  Haunted by an unacknowledged pain Doug swaps the white collar nine to five of Belfast for one last charge into oblivion in the City of Angels.  A scotch-soaked stranger in a strange land Doug befriends a series of like minded and self destructive vagabonds who, like him, are aiming for chaos.  In a city that sees thousands of people per year come to be discovered why has one man come to get lost?