Friday, 9 August 2013

After Forever Ends

When it comes to 'the genre' this book is a little outside my wheelhouse but what drew me to it and sustained my interest and devotion throughout is the unflinching honesty with which the text is written. Love is a subject that many think easy to write but is hard to avoid sounding chocolate box, unrealistic and schmulchy. Melodie Ramone's AFTER FOREVER ENDS has an unbelievable bravery to commit to paper the honest events that spark and re-spark love within the flickering souls of two people and it's because of this that the characters are not only well drawn, believable and (quite often) hilarious but endlessly endearing to the soul.

From their time together in boarding school, through their first house together and *no spoilers* beyond what you'll find in AFTER FOREVER ENDS is captivating characters amidst the genuine ups-and-downs of life told with by an author brave enough to shed her armour and stand before the reader scars and all. Breathtakingly beautiful, poignant, funny and most of all honest.