Friday, 28 February 2014

Children of the After: Awakening [Book One] - Review

If you're a Young Adult enthusiast, fan of thrillers and post-apocalyptic novels you won't get much better than Jeremy Laszlo's Children of the After: Awakening [Book One].

Children of the After: Awakening has something that's all too often missing from Young Adult fiction, and genre fiction in general. Gravitas. Laszlo handles the third person narrative of three siblings and their journey, not just through post-apocalyptic Chicago, but through loss with style. Rarely is the drama of the narrative overplayed, sentimentalised or egged. The emotions are given time to brew honestly and emerge genuinely and for that there are few peers to this first in the series. Taut, intelligent and extremely well paced, Children of the After: Awakening will have to counting the remaining pages, wishing there were more.