Monday, 19 January 2015

In The Zone

Intergalactic Space Rangers is a website that promises Science Fiction at its best!  They are currently working on a range of creative endeavors including a TV series and Audio Book series that sets itself up as a 1950's radio-style Twilight Zone meets Tales From the Crypt purveyor of shocks, thrills, spills and kills!

Issue one of Doorways and Dimensions is available now for download [here].  Breathe tells the story of an Astronaut trapped on a space station that's slowly running out of air but filling up with company.  In a forthcoming installment of Doorways and Dimensions, the Intergalactic Space Rangers are going to be taking on one of my short stories; recently published on Literally Stories [read here], The Front Page.

If you've $1.99 to spare help the I.S.R fund future projects and raise the bar for independent artists.