Monday, 27 April 2015

Welcome to Ultra-Belfast

The final free short story from David Louden's forthcoming release White Mexicans & Other Short Stories That All Definitely Happened* is available to read now on Literally Stories [here].  Doug Morgan (Lost Angeles, Bone Idol), upon his death, is trapped in a hellish re-imagining of Belfast known as Ultra-Belfast.  Accompanied by his father Jack, Doug takes to an East Belfast bar in order to participate in a high stakes poker tournament alongside Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hitler and Charlton Heston (to name a few).

Populated with his usual spit and spite dialogue, off-colour humour and poetic lamentation of a world gone wrong; Ultra-Belfast is a mix of fable and low-life fiction.

White Mexicans is released on Monday 13th July 2015.

Read Ultra-Belfast now!

* The statement that all stories “definitely happened” is one used for entertainment purposes and should not be considered factual or legally binding.  All too often Mr. Louden is full of shit.