Tuesday, 11 August 2015

White Mexicans [review by Catfish McDaris]

David Louden takes us on a wild rollercoaster adventure through Hollywood, California and many other exotic locales; as seen through the eyes of a highly gifted Irish writer from Northern Belfast. He’s had many influences, but he writes with his own unique voice and style. He’s rolling virgins into the inky jaws of his typer, staring at tits in bars while sipping Guinness. This tale is chock full of dynamite dialogue. David has a great ear and an eye to the keyhole of the world. He tackles beatniks in Venice, gun control, he fights with a Marine and gets beat up, and ends up with a nice chick with a well-trimmed garden. 
Reading this magical book was better than Disneyland on mushrooms
When David takes on the Valley girls, I feel like we must be related. Then we learn about prize fighters and Don King with a white hard-on and the tiger and the chicken, which will remain a mystery. There is some steamy sex, so be forewarned: mushrooms and snappers, pumping the hammer, a cunt time share, and two men using a woman to saw down a tree. You will get women with flat stomachs, curvy hips that love turkey neck and banjos. There’s advice from a dog, Elvis in Vietnam, a polka dot dress, and a bottle of rum. Kick back in Belfast in the Bunch of Grapes Bar and read Post Office while listening to Black Sabbath. Then we get into hairy balls and cock nuggets: is that English food, I’ve heard of spotted dick. Heroes and Batman at the Pig and Whistle, a bank heist, MEGA-TITS and ASS-ZILLA. Onto the Angel of I-580, a steak sandwich, and a hand job by Black Hitler. A car named Mexico and White Mexicans: actors coming to the U.S. from England taking Americans acting jobs. Warm chocolate eyes, switchblades, Dago red, mean green marijuana, off to the track and grifters whistling Cinderella Rockefella. 
I can’t say enough good things about White Mexicans by Mr. Louden. He’s a force to be reckoned with. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the other side of the tracks. I was taken to the dangerous ‘hood, places where no self-respecting person would venture into. This is where David Louden and I both thrive and belong.

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