Friday, 25 March 2016

Free Book Weekend

To celebrate the launch of Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard we’re having a bumper weekend giveaway.  As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice lands on the silver screen this Friday March, 25 Venice Books is giving away Kindle copies of the superheist novel for the whole weekend.  The offers don’t end there though, oh no.  Just as Batman and Superman have Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash to keep them company, Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard will be accompanied by Louden’s bibliography.  Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up 4 books and pay 0.

Lost Angeles: A Novel
RRP $2.99 – Friday March, 25 – Sunday March, 27 FREE!
Full time whiskey enthusiast Doug Morgan is on a downward spiral.  Over the past two years the Irish man has played witness to the slow and steady decay of his life and he’s finally called time.  Haunted by an unacknowledged pain Doug swaps the white collar nine to five of Belfast for one last charge into oblivion in the City of Angels.  A scotch-soaked stranger in a strange land Doug befriends a series of like minded and self destructive vagabonds who, like him, are aiming for chaos.  

In a city that sees thousands of people per year come to be discovered why has one man come to get lost?

Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l]
RRP $2.99 – Saturday March, 26 & Sunday March, 27 FREE!
The sophomore follow-up to Lost Angeles is the semi-biographical tale of author David Louden's alter-ego Doug Morgan as he struggles to connect with his father Jack, his mother Ruth and the working class ideology of "a real job".

From his early adventure filled days in Poleglass through to the alcohol induced haze of his early twenties Doug's life (much like the city) is one at conflict with itself. Bone Idol [bohn ahyd-l] is filled with humour, sex, guilt and the shameful dream of a boy wanting to create more than a family of haunted heirs.  

White Mexicans: & Other Short Stories That All Definitely Happened*
RRP $2.99 – Friday March, 25 – Sunday March, 27 FREE
Too poor to escape Los Angeles, too weak to survive in it; Doug Morgan takes a job writing an Exploitation movie to pay the bills.  Struggling with the pay-off between art and commerce he finds himself on the path to redemption, if he can scrape himself off rock bottom.

Half novella, half short story compilation, White Mexicans is an American tale told in the Irish yarn tradition.  Populated with Louden’s usual spit and spite dialogue, off-colour humour and poetic lamentation of a world gone wrong; his third outing is a mix of fable and low-life fiction.

Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard [New Release]
RRP $2.99 – Friday March, 25 – Sunday March, 27 FREE
Stu Hogan is idolized by every child walking Hollywood Boulevard apart from his own.  Working the star-studded street as a Batman impersonator alongside good pal Brian (Superman) and steroid shooting Ricky (The Incredible Hulk), Stu’s love of alcohol, gambling and strippers have left him behind with his alimony, down on his luck and looking for a quick fix for both.
Seeing an opportunity to change his circumstances, Stu enlists his fellow superheroes for a daring heist that has the impersonators fall short of their counterparts’ lofty standards causing friendships to fracture and divisions to become deadly.

* The statement that all stories “definitely happened” is one used for entertainment purposes and should not be considered factual or legally binding.  All too often Mr. Louden is full of shit.