Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lost Angeles - On Sale Now!

Irv's on Historical 66
IT'S DECEMBER 1ST and my nerves are shot to shit.  Today I've had to publish my book; when I decided on December 1st it was a good date because it was so far look at us.  Lost Angeles is my roman á clef (or at least attempt at roman á clef) neo-beat novel about an alcoholic who goes to Los Angeles in order to kill himself (though it's more cheery than it sounds).  There's going to be an introductory offer on it and at $0.99 you'll even have change from a buck.  Amazon Prime customers will be able to grab themselves a copy of it for free because they're special and more than a little spoilt.

If you're interested you can grab a copy of Lost Angeles [here] or you can click on the cover below.  All I'd ask if you like it leave a review and if you don't well you can't please everyone; take your frustration out on your children.