Friday, 7 December 2012

Get Lost!

AND DO IT FOR FREE.  Last Saturday my roman á clef novel Lost Angeles was released with a special offer for good measure.  This weekend you'll be able to grab yourself a copy of The Drunken Adventures of Doug Morgan in the Land of the Matinee Idol (or Lost Angeles as it's more commonly know) for free by clicking [here] if you're in the United Kingdom/Ireland/Any small Island to the west of Europe and [here] if you're from the U.S of A.

A few friends stumbled upon it recently and I warned them off reading it because I'm a shambolic impression of a man but I wanted to thank them for being excellent people and if you really want to thumb the 330 pages of my mind this weekend might be a good time to get it.

The paperback is also available [here] it's not free and it's not going to be...I've got to eat and make rent you know.