Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lost Angeles - A Novel

Full time whiskey enthusiast Doug Morgan is on a downward spiral.  Over the past two years the Irish man has played witness to the slow and steady decay of his life and he’s finally called time.  Haunted by an unacknowledged pain Doug swaps the white collar nine to five of Belfast for one last charge into oblivion in the City of Angels.  A scotch-soaked stranger in a strange land Doug befriends a series of like minded and self destructive vagabonds who, like him, are aiming for chaos.  In a city that sees thousands of people per year come to be discovered why has one man come to get lost?

Doug Morgan owns a first edition of George Orwell’s 1984 which the Russian hostel owner destroys in front of him.

The Michelangelo Antonioni film La Notte is referenced as a Christmas present purchased for Doug by former girlfriend Kelly.  The film is about a relationship that is falling apart.

The screening at the Egyptian Theatre of The Naked Street took place in 2006.  Louden attended this performance, a performance which Anne Bancroft was scheduled to introduce before her death.

Doug and Billie watch Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now! which is the author’s favourite film and where his blog Knifed in Venice take it’s name.

While in conversation with an independent film producer, Winston, about his forthcoming Black-Naziploitation film Swasucka Doug references The Black Gestapo and Women’s Camp 119, these are Exploitation titles that Louden is interested in.